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What is Your Beauty Love Language?

What is Your Beauty Love Language?
We want the whole world to know that Credo has a crush. Every day we dote and swoon and fawn over products that make us look and feel our best! We are smitten with our expansive collection of clean skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrance. We’re also smitten with each and every one of YOU! We love that we get to share this passion we have for making beauty (and the world) a better place for folks of all walks of life. Our love of beauty takes us to new heights every day because of our commitment to scouting out brands that put the same amount of care into their formulations that we do. This includes going beyond the ingredients and shining a light on packaging, sustainability, ethics and transparency. Our love language is communicating this mission to the world! 


Beauty is one of the many forms of self expression and self love. We believe that when you feel you look your best, that anything is possible! And why not do that with cosmetics that change the way the world thinks about beauty? Clean makeup is the only way we express our love language. Our love language of beauty! And what is your beauty love language? Eyes, Cheeks, Lips?


Eye Love You
Eye makeup has been the vibe for centuries. Flirtatious lashes, mysterious smoky eye shadow, disco glitter and vampy liquid liner. All of these looks can instantly transform your attitude and outlook! YOU get to choose what part of your personality you love and want to magnify to the world by simply applying some eye makeup. WE LOVE THAT! Check out these eye products:


Smoky Eyes: with the simple swipe of an eye pencil all the way around the lash line you create an air of sophistication and intrigue. Smudge a little bit of eyeshadow on top of the eye liner to create a simple, multi dimensional look.


Glittery Eyes: for a fun twist on any eye look; consider popping some sparkle on your eyelid. Using a finger tip and your favorite shade of sparkle, pat the shimmer onto the center of your eyelid. 


Jenny Patinkin has a HUGE range of brushes that are a must have to complete any eye look. Jenny’s career as a makeup artist makes her the authority on tools that do the work for you. Check out this smaller eye brush that will help do all the work for you when applying eye products. Shop all eye makeup products here.


Winged Liner: winged liner is most impactful when you use liquid or cake liner. Our advice, start from the outside of the wing and work your way inward so you have the most control of the line!

Cheeky Love
“My colors are Blush and Bashful, Mama!”- Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias. We go all coy and coquettish when we think of blush. After all, it IS the key to bringing life and vitality to the face. Mimicking blood flow to the cheeks, blush sculpts the cheek bones and creates dimension. Apply it to the apples of the cheeks for a light, angelic look. Apply it under the cheek bones for a contoured chisel. Apply it to the temples and across the nose for a fresh outdoorsy look! We love these looks so much we could pinch our own cheeks when we wear them… but we won’t.


You can’t possibly do cheeks without showing some love for the Jenny Patinkin Green Tea Sponge. It’s the perfect sponge for ALL your multi-use products. Shop all cheek products here.


Loving Lips
Obviously we can’t write about loving makeup without addressing the lips in the room. Pucker up buttercup; let’s talk lips!!! Your smackers are the gatekeepers of the smooch! Express your love by adorning them with shades of brown, red, plum, pink! Express your love by lacquering them with seductive mattes, creamy nudes and titillating glosses! Paint them up in whatever fashion you like so you can plant a kiss on the love of your life. 

For a longer lasting lip, try filling in your entire lip with lip pencil before applying lipstick and gloss. The pencil will act as a primer to help hold the pigment on longer! Shop all lip products here.

Let us customize a look for you by starting a live chat with one of our Clean Beauty Experts. Simply click on the bubble at the lower right of your page to initiate the beauty convo! Our team can help you select shades, give you application tips and maybe even uncover some hidden product needs to help you achieve the look you love.


Cheers, Joshua