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Bite Deodorant


Former surf instructor Lindsay McCormick was concerned about plastic filling our oceans and landfills and harsh chemicals building up our bodies so she set out to make Bite’s hero product - plastic free, cruelty free toothpaste tablets that come in refillable glass jars. The dry toothpaste tablets are made with clean, premium ingredients and don’t contain the sulfates, fillers, glycerine and preservatives in most commercial toothpastes. Bite started as a side project in 2018 with Lindsay pressing the first tablets in her living room and after 3 years, Bite has expanded to offer a fully plastic free oral care suite and their cult-favorite refillable deodorant with a celebrity fanbase including Kristen Bell and Jason Mamao. Bite’s mission is to keep plastic out of our oceans and landfills and harsh chemicals out of our bodies starting with our daily routines. 

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