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Exa Beauty

The name Exa comes from the decimal unit prefix 10¹⁸ (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) because Exa's range is big, their impact is bigger and they're at the max on inclusivity. Why try to fit in--when you were born to stand out? 

Exa takes the world’s most potent plants and magnifies their elements to create clean beauty that’s positively charged. Exa believes in clean makeup with extended frequency in colors for every human with packaging that's designed to be as eco-as-possible. 

Exa donates a percentage of proceeds to Women’s Voices for the Earth, an organization that amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the chemicals that harm our health and our communities.


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Exa Beauty

Exa - Amplify Your Nature

Exa is a clean beauty brand that was created by Credo Beauty to bring more color to clean beauty so everyone can play. Exa is all about clean, inclusive, sustainable beauty and makeup that is effective and for everyone. In line with this mission, Exa Beauty is committed to using the elements from the most potent plants in the world to create clean beauty products. Its founders believe everyone wants to live in a world where they feel included and valued. Customers who have tried Exa beauty products attest to finally having a brand that makes them feel understood.

“I haven’t found a foundation that matches my skin exactly like Exa,” PJ M., Exa Beauty’s customer.

Exa products use ingredients that promote your skin’s health while minimizing damage to our planet. All the makeup products are clean, safe, and cruelty-free to ensure no compromise as people strive to look their best.

At Exa, you’ll find all the needed clean makeup essentials, including the best-selling High Fidelity Foundation (that boasts an inclusive range of 43 shades), the Jump Start Smoothing Primer, and the High Fidelity Balancing Color Correctors that went viral on Tiktok. All are suitable for all skin types, including blemish-prone, sensitive, and dry skin. These Exa products contain eco-friendly ingredients such as aloe vera juice to protect your skin against environmental elements and maqui berry to soothe your skin.

You can find these best-selling Exa products and others at Credo Beauty. You’ll be able to select the cleanest and safest concealers, eye shadow, foundations, and primers.

While shopping for your Exa products at Credo Beauty, don’t forget to check out our other beauty and skin care products. We believe everything that touches your skin matters, so we only feature products from brands that adhere to our clean beauty standards. These include using safe ingredients, ethical sourcing, an eye for sustainability, and fair labor conditions.

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