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Grown Alchemist Skincare

Grown Alchemist's mission is to go beyond a singular approach to beauty. They believe that the perfect complexion follows the health of our skin cells. Simply put: Health = Function = Beauty. With an integrated scientific approach to youthful skin, they have connected nutrition, dermatology, pharmacology and genetics to bio-optimise the skin aging process. Creating a universal treatment process of natural, biocompatible topical formulations, pioneering skin therapies, intravenous nutrient support and efficacious supplements. This is holistic beauty. This is Grown Alchemist. This is the biology of beautiful skin.

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Grown Alchemist Skincare

Grown Alchemist, a Biocompatible Beauty brand founded by brothers Keston and Jermey, develops formulas with a unique collaboration between biology and cosmetic chemistry. With advanced research facilities and teams of cosmetic chemists in London, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia, Grown Alchemist Skincare is currently recognized on a global scale. These labs' researchers and chemists are creating the most advanced beauty products capable of not only treating but also transforming the skin through a process known as nutricosmetics.

Grown Alchemist brings science into the clean beauty market to separate itself from other clean beauty brands to improve skin cell health and optimize its function. By providing advanced nutricosmetic products, Grown Alchemist Skincare is able to treat from the inside out because founders Keston and Jeremey fondly believe that optimal skin health is achieved through more than just topical skincare, but with specifically formulated beauty supplements as well. 

There is no singular approach to skincare and beauty, and Grown Alchemist provides an integrated scientific approach to beauty through their skincare and beauty products. At Credo, we carry your favorite Grown Alchemist products, whether you are searching for a simple hand cream, eye care, or even facial oil. Provide your skin with a gentle cleanse using the Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser, made to help decongest the skin and remove impurities without stripping.  After cleansing, neutralize and protect the skin with the Grown Alchemist Detox Serum made for all skin types, including even sensitive skin. If used regularly, this anti-aging serum will detoxify the skin and help to ward off the future development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Check out our growing collection of Grown Alchemist products here at Credo Beauty, and don’t forget to treat yourself to some of your other favorite brands while you’re here.