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iota is a new kind of functional bodycare designed to fill essential nutrient gaps — for more glow, smoothness & hydration. The Body Wash+ and Body Serum+ comprise the first, award-winning all-in-one method that contains 24 superfood vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pre & postbiotics combined with skincare-grade actives to support whole-body health and improve your skin & wellbeing.

Our name – iota – is derived from the word microbiota, defined as “living microorganisms present in a defined environment.” All our formulations help balance your microbiome for better skin health — a pillar of whole-body health that’s foundational just like gut health, nutrition, sleep and movement. iota – defined as an “infinitesimal amount” – is rooted in our AAPI heritage and belief that the attainment of one’s maximum potential consists of the sum of many small, productive actions taken consistently, with discipline, throughout life.

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