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Michele Gough-Baril founded Iris&Romeo after two decades in the beauty industry, climbing her way to the top. Burned out by the persistent excess and hustle culture, she stepped away to the healing rhythms of Northern California and gave herself permission to reprioritize her relationship with her body and herself.

Her story is a familiar story for all women. Of trying to achieve it all, to hold it together, to ignore your body and push past the signals in a drive for success, and be all things to everyone but yourself. With the help of a retired race horse named Romeo, also burned out from his career on the track, she simplified her life, reconnected with her truest self, and realized that instead of walking away, she could do it on her terms. And Iris&Romeo was born. We are the antidote to the beauty hustle culture and the more is more mentality.

Our products are brought into the world thoughtfully, consciously, and beautifully. We are committed to multi-functional, all-in-one, tinted skincare solutions of the highest quality and efficacy. They simplify your morning routine and deliver skin wellness—instantly and over time. This kind of beauty—this undone, well-hydrated look combined with serum strength actives— is the effortless bare-faced beauty we all want. Rosy, wind-kissed cheeks. Dewy, juicy skin. Thick, healthy lashes and brows. That lit-from-within glow that comes from skin well-hydrated, a body well-rested, and a self well-loved.

Less makeup. More you.

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