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Kosas Makeup & Skincare

Clean Makeup for Skincare Freaks. Welcome to next-level clean beauty that’s about revealing, expressing, and feeling comfy in your skin. It’s good makeup (not no makeup) that’s quick, easy, can’t mess it up. And it’s clinically proven to actually make your skin better, even when it’s bare. So you can look like your favorite self every single day.

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Kosas Makeup & Skincare

Makeup that makes you look like your favorite self every day.

Kosas is the next level of clean beauty, allowing you to express yourself with makeup and body care while feeling comfortable in your own skin. Kosas' hydrating, soothing, brightening, and plumping formulas have been clinically proven to provide real skincare benefits. Bestselling Kosas skin-improving Revealer Concealer for example is powered with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and caffeine to help hydrate, brighten, and smooth

 Just because Kosas makeup is gentle on your skin doesn't mean you can't expect a dramatic payoff. You'll appear your best self thanks to substantial pigment, glow, and all-day power. 

 Sheena Yaitanes, the founder of Kosas, created her first makeup product at the age of ten and has not stopped innovating since. In 2015, Kosas launched four neutral lipsticks.  Kosas now offers an impressive line of innovative formulas brimming with comfort and goodness. The Kosas team goes above and beyond the banned list, and they never stop working to improve their current formulas. Kosas skincare and body care products, which range from exfoliating body wash to clean deodorants, are also sure to improve the appearance of your skin.

Clean skincare and cosmetics are more than just words to us at Credo Beauty. That is why we have partnered with brands such as Kosas, who go above and beyond. Every product is the result of innovation and formulation that pushes beauty forward.

It's time to be yourself and be at ease in your own skin. You can't go wrong with Kosas. Shop our selection of Kosas makeup online at Credo Beauty today.