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Launched in October 2021, MOODEAUX® is one of the few woman-founded and Black-owned brands in the industry: an unfortunate and outdated narrative Brianna Arps has since been determined to rewrite. Conceptualized during a very low point in her life, when she found it challenging mentally and emotionally to even get out of bed, our story began as a mere experiment towards finding ways to cope. One of the few things that could lift Brianna’s spirits and help reshape her outlook at that time was perfume. Realizing the very real impact “aromatherapy” had on her mood, she leaned in further to research why and discover more — yet it wasn’t long before Brianna noticed the lack of innovative clean fragrances, especially ones designed specifically to cater to the senses. Seeing a clear gap in the market, she decided if no one else was going to champion something better, she’d do it herself.

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