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Ursa Major Skincare

Few things matter as much in life as your own True North; navigating towards the places, people and experiences that make you feel truly alive. So, when Ursa Major co-founders, Emily and Oliver, left the big city for beautiful Vermont, they followed their dreams. Ursa Major face, body and hair care is just that…a big dream that has become a cult favorite line all over goodness. Their clean, multi-purpose products do so much in less time so you have time to focus on you. Follow their lead, get out and gorgeously enjoy what truly counts.

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Ursa Major Skincare

A Clean Top-to-Toe Skincare Brand Made for Everyone and Inspired by Nature.

Inspired by the mountains of Vermont, Ursa Major was created so that consumers can experience the “healthy mountain glow” wherever they are.

Discover the complete line of face serums, cleansers, moisturizers, balms, deodorants, shave creams, shampoos, and conditioners for all genders and skin types. Every product from Ursa Major is filled with clean,  safe, and powerful active ingredients.

Instead of stagnating, you can be “Making Moves” which is exactly what Ursa Major’s founders Emily and Oliver strive to inspire in their customers. They’re looking to minimize and take the complexity out of beauty products. Now, you can spend more time outdoors with nature, doing great work, and living true to yourself.

Ursa Major skincare is for everyone - as Emily and Oliver say, “Skin is Skin!” - no matter who you are, your gender, age, or skin type, they’ve got you covered!

Ursa Major Skincare is also a Certified Plastic Negative company that is always seeking ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Get the bestselling Vitamin C Serum or the new Mountain Glow Face Serum - A few drops gives you a healthy glow while your skin is enriched and rejuvenated with shea butter and jojoba. Shop all of the Ursa Major skincare products today to find your favorite! 

Credo Beauty provides the largest selection of clean beauty and skincare products to consumers. Ursa Major skincare is one of the incredible, clean brands we carry!